Dear Editor:

Steve Lyons in his Oct. 28 letter makes my point. There is controversy over global warming and climate change (he said, she said). Maslov long ago identified his priority of needs. The very first is survival. This applies to all people including government-paid researchers who would be fired if they didn't find global warming or others if they were hired by industry to find no global warming.

To find the truth it is futile to survey scientists because there is no unanimous consensus. That is why I wrote the Oct. 7 letter asking those with Excel facility to go to the satellite temperature data, plot it and do two trend lines, one from 1978 to 1998 and one from 1998 to present. If Steve had done that, he would find the truth. I wish there were some other way than to look at the prime data source, but that is really the only way to truly resolve this issue. I also pointed out in the Oct. 7 letter that satellite-measured sea level rise is essentially constant which can also only happen if there is no change in global warming. No change in the trend lines, no change in the rate of sea level rise, no climate change.

I invite everyone to reread the Oct. 7 letter and follow the links to the data. Get someone to download and plot the data if you are not familiar with MS Excel or contact me. If you do, you will find either there has been no global warming or it all happened in 1998 when the satellites were replaced with more advanced units, i.e., global warming is a 1⁄2 F calibration error.

Mike Mason


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