Dear Editor:

Mr. O'Donnell and others in Crawford are trying to minimize the issues with our town council by focusing on marijuana. The problems are so much more than that. The real issues are a lack of transparency and accountability with the council. They are violating open meeting laws, making decisions illegally and acting out vendettas against members of the community.

In response to inquiries about the irresponsible use of public funds to falsely accuse a resident they pull up five years of legal expenditures and claim that two people are solely responsible for those costs. In the last five years every Colorado town has had to seek legal counsel to deal with ordinances regarding Amendment 64. They cannot blame those fees on any individual. As a matter of fact that may have been one of the few times the council did what they were supposed to.

This council does not take responsibility for their actions and they do not act as representatives of the entire town. We need a mayor and council that can focus on governing for all residents of Crawford, not just those who are of similar opinion. We need a mayor and council that will listen to and treat residents with respect. We need a mayor and council that will be open minded about ways to increase revenue without raising taxes and fees. We need a mayor and council that is able to follow the laws which govern them! We need a mayor and council that will represent all of us fairly and intelligently! We need local government that will work with the citizens to help our community survive and thrive into the future.

Cheryl Page



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