Dear Editor:

It greatly saddens me to be witnessing the current situation in Crawford. In a town that has been my home for nearly 35 years, I have cherished and admired the willingness and ability of our citizens to pull together and work together for the welfare and benefit of the town and citizens in spite of differences of attitude, age or economics. Just as when I ran in the April election for mayor, losing by only one vote, it is my desire to help guide Crawford through some of the challenges it is now facing and will surely face in the future. It is my aim to be a wise counselor and assist Crawford in reconciling any misunderstandings and hard feelings, doing what is best in a lawful manner, for the best interests of all. It should be, and I believe it is not, a matter of pro coal or anti coal, pro marijuana or anti marijuana, pro free speech or gagging the public from professing their opinions, whether you agree with them or not.

Gill Saunders



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