I just got through reading Nicholas Orros' opinion in this week's edition about cleaning up the county. Boy, is he right! We were there last week, visiting and with an eye to move there. Driving around the area, I noticed a lot of trashy properties and wondered, why is this allowed to happen? I realize they seemed to be private property, but it still shouldn't be allowed. I would not be allowed to have a bunch of junk lying around my property in Aurora; there are ordinances! Is the county government that weak? While the town of Delta and Cedaredge seemed neat and clean, there's all these properties filled with junk, junk and more junk! That's not a good impression for visitors who bring in revenue — hello? Then there was the nasty sign on some unidentifiable building west of town on Highway 50 — speaking badly about Democrats, loving Trump, etc. That's not very welcoming! People like us, retired, with some, not a lot, but some cash to spend, are going to hesitate about moving there. Why would you live in such a beautiful area and then trash it? Delta County government better step up; give them a couple months to clean up, then bill or fine them heavily for it if they don't do it!

Mary Bruno


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