It’s time to cut to the chase with regard to the race for Colorado’s 3rd district’s U.S. Congressional seat. The simple fact is that Diane Mitsch-Bush is supremely qualified to be our representative while Lauren Boebert is completely unqualified.

Mitsch-Bush has proven her qualifications during her tenure in the Colorado State House of Representatives and prior to that, as a Colorado county commissioner. She worked closely with Republicans and Democrats to the extent that her legislation was co-sponsored by both parties over 70% of the time. She served on the Interim Joint House and Senate Water Resources Review Committee. Furthermore, the Colorado Livestock Association named her “Legislator of the Year.”

While in Colorado government, Mitsch-Bush worked across party lines to remove barriers for new farmers and ranchers, cap the cost of healthcare premiums, fund rural education and secure Federal transportation money.

Mitsch-Bush is committed to protecting Social Security and Medicare, bringing down the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and protecting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. She has a plan for manufacturing medical supplies and life-saving medicines here in Colorado. She will preserve our public lands.

Mitsch-Bush is a proven leader who will work for all of us in Colorado District 3.

While Boebert did get her high school equivalency certificate earlier this year, that’s about all we can say for her. She says she won’t compromise and supports ending protection for Coloradans with pre-existing conditions. Her campaign slogan of “Freedom” is an apparent reference to her belief that she is free to disregard any laws she doesn’t like. Hence, her multiple arrests and run-ins with the police (see

For the sake of Colorado, let’s send Diane Mitsch-Bush to Washington and Lauren Boebert back to Rifle.

Dave Shishim


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