Here it is election season again. That time when we are often expected to choose between candidates brought forth by parties that provide only a choice between the same old names who have already gone to Washington and failed to solve our problems or new radicals out of touch with common sense.

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Young voters, we are better than this. As the new voice of our democracy, we must make our cry to be heard louder than ever — not despite, but because the current leader of this country is unwilling to listen. To echo famous words, “It is what it is.” And here is “what it is” — Trump is led …

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I was asked Sunday by a younger colleague if I remember a time like this in my past. I scanned my memory for a comparison. I was at our newspaper office in Wasilla, Alaska, when a 7.2-magnitude earthquake shook our community. In that case, we were in recovery mode. No time for a holding pattern.

Our reporter Lucas Vader is being criticized by some in the Cedaredge area for his article about the dust up with the Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors. To recap Board of Directors member David Murphy decided he wanted an investigation into rumors he heard but are untrue …

Over the years I’ve experienced both ends when it comes to gift giving and children. I’ve seen joy from my three children’s faces many times when they were little and we hit the gift giving target spot on. I’ve also seen the look on their faces when we ask them to hold up their gift they jus…

There’s a cloud hovering over the heads of the Delta City Council. Outside influences are creating a potential storm. But instead of taking a batten down the hatches approach, this storm can be stopped or at least slowed to a spring shower.

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On Nov. 19, 1960 the Delta Panthers football, led by Coach Don Stimack, would end that season’s final game as 2A State champions. A feat that has yet to be repeated.

People have asked, “When is your next article,” and commented, “We really look forward to them.” It is assuring to know that they are being read and I thank you for that.

In its July 31 issue, the Delta County Independent ran a story from The Colorado Sun on Olathe Sweet Corn. Titled “Sweet corn put Olathe on the map, but seeds of economic revival didn’t take,” the in-depth piece was written by Grand Junction-based reporter Nancy Lofholm, a former Grand Junct…

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