Dear Editor:

Once again we read the "Did you know?" Cedaredge newsletter expecting better and were disappointed. The large paragraph referencing "The Old *art Dart" is offensive to us and many of our friends. And the town officials and the chamber were aware of that. The name reminds us of fifth grade school yard talk and in no way reflects the way many of us feel about Cedaredge, ourselves or the event. Is that really the image that the town wants to present? Have you ever Googled or looked up the word *art? Is that title the peak of your literary and marketing skills?

Aside from the fact that the name and concept is crude and uncalled for, from a marketing standpoint it sends the message to young(er) would-be participants that they probably aren't welcome or should not waste their time. We know there were other suggestions made for a name for the event that were more appropriate and less crude especially for a town-endorsed event. Shame on you! "Vintage" is bad enough but at least it is not offensive to many people both in and out of Cedaredge!

David Yates



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