America has succumbed to an all time low. Our division has led to an assault on our leaders. It also led to the censure of our president. When Twitter can deny access because they don't believe his ways, aren't we next? If our president can be denied freedom of speech, we aren't far behind. Freedom of speech means we air our differences and discuss them. With shows like “The View,” where liberals shut down the conservative is not productive. Freedom of speech is a privilege. We are blessed to be in a nation that used to be “For The People." That is not the way any longer. I fear our leaders not only don't care about the population, they care only for their position in the power they seek. As a senior citizen, I may not see things progress too much for the worse. It's those who buy into this mindset that will suffer wondering why they thought socialism was what they wanted. God help them and God bless America. As for me, come Lord Jesus.

Gary Herby


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