David Starr moved to Cedaredge around 18 years ago…. Soon after he arrived, he put on a concert at the Apple Shed … a great concert at a great venue. I did not know David, then, but I wrote a note of gratitude for the concert. Little by little, my husband and I became friends with David and eventually his wife, Cindy.

When David was tasked with getting a bandstand built in the park, he, along with a strong team, collaborated to complete the project in record time. When the bandstand was complete and the project had gone over budget, David paid for the overage from his own personal funds.

The Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center has an incredible group of supporters and volunteers and I would venture to say most of those people would count David and Cindy Starr as major contributors to GMAEC becoming a reality in our town.

David has helped Cedaredge in so many ways; it’s hard to keep a record of his and his wife’s goodness. That being said, it was disturbing to read, in last week’s newspaper, words that should never be associated with David and Cindy Starr’s names.

Please, before you communicate something to your readers, make sure it will do no harm. Even though you wrote that the rumor was false … you still printed a vile rumor about two people who have given their time, talent, heart, and soul making a positive difference in Cedaredge…

Judy Fairchild


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