Reading letters to the editor from conservatives in Montrose is like backwards and forwards, up and down and in and out. If I weren’t so self-assured about my beliefs and my stance in politics

I might let myself be confused as to what they think we Democrats are. On one hand we’re all on the take of government handouts. We’re lazy and sacrilegious; we’re willing to sit on our butts and wait for unemployment compensation; we’re unpatriotic and don’t love our country. We welcome all kinds of riffraff into our country. We’re socialists who want the country to become a Communist country.

One conservative letter writer calls us wealthy and elitist. I’m sure he thinks our noses are up in the air and we look down on anyone who doesn’t think the way we do. We are anything but wealthy and elitist.

Most Democrats I know work very hard at various and sundry types of jobs: waitresses, schoolteachers, electricians, carpenters, office workers, small business owners, government employees. They often live paycheck to paycheck or, like my husband and I, live quite comfortably on his retirement from the electrical union and our Social Security. We live frugally and scrupulously saved for our old age.

It’s a misnomer to call liberals ‘wealthy and elitist’. Let’s not forget the billionaires in our country who willingly support the Republican party because they fare far better under conservative rule than liberal? The Republicans make sure that they keep their billions because they’re the ones who keep them in office with their outlandish donations.

The Conservative party tends to disregard the needs of the common people, the exact people who helped the billionaires make their billions. They are the housekeepers, office workers, custodians, maintenance personnel, administrative assistants and secretaries who do all the work and make piddly. Where would the billionaires be without those folks?

Democrats believe in equal pay for equal work; a living wage for every working person; the right for women to choose what is best for their bodies and their future; equality in all aspects of life for every citizen; seriously and expeditiously addressing climate change; allowing immigrants who are escaping horrendous living conditions and fear for the life of their family to enter our country with respect and accommodations.

Please look at the reality of life in this country and judge accordingly. We are the givers, not the takers.

Holly von Helms


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