Dear Editor:

What does a county's planning commission do when county commissioners take them out of the loop?

If they're worth their salt, they band together and ask commissioners for a little respect.

At an Aug. 16 meeting, that's just what the Delta County Planning Commissioner did. In a unanimous vote, our planning advisors sent a proposed resolution to our county commissioners asking them to "follow the procedures and processes set forth in the planning commission bylaws, the subdivision regulations and the specific development regulations when seeking amendment to those bylaws and regulations in order to permit the planning commission to properly discharge its duties and responsibilities."

The planning commissioners also discussed the need to "reconnect" with the Board of County Commissioners on an ongoing basis -- a practice that seems to have fallen through the cracks in recent years.

I commend the planning commission for taking their responsibilities seriously and for responding to the county commissioner's recent "out of order" planning commission board appointments in a calm and professional manner.

I hope our county commissioners treat our planning advisors with as much respect and vote to approve this resolution.

JoAnn Kalenak



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