Dear Editor:

Pete Kolbenschlag wrote a guest editorial titled “The impact of climate change” in last week’s DCI, intentionally slanting his article toward gloom and doom. He cherry picks 10 counties for his 2 degree C heat rise, our county being one of them. But let’s look at last year.

We had record snow fall that provided flood water for agriculture way past the usual early-June run down all the way to July 17 and then when we had to use our reservoir water to irrigate our farm, our reservoirs were full to the brim, we had our full allotment, and it looks like we will have an extended growing season. If this is climate change, please bring it on. Just so I am not accused of cherry picking as Pete is, I refer you to NOAA climate maps at Click on the first map which shows temperature (summer temps are always hot) then in the table on “difference from average – monthly.” What you will see is that for July half the country was average to below average and half was above, whereas June was mainly average to below average.

Beside that, man is responsible for about one CO2 molecule out of 10,000 air molecules. Even if that molecule was the blackest black possible, can it make that much difference? I’m afraid Pete is just part of the crowd attempting to create panic, expand government control and to impoverish our energy based economy. Don’t listen to him.

Mike Mason


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