Dear Editor:

Regarding the Aug. 14

DCI: Wow. What great

artwork by Lane Sand-

ers! I was impressed

with all the photos on

page D8. The Davis

Clothing mural looks

great, he really captured

Festus, and the panther

is amazing! Sanders is

an extremely talented

young man. I hope he is

able to share his art with

others for years to come.

Regarding “School Dis-

trict to roll out “Beyond

Textbooks” curriculum”:

I think schools should

go back to the textbooks

used in the 1950s and

1960s! More students

actually learned then, I

think. I know there are a

lot of differences between

the students of yester-

year and the students of

today (as well as between

the parents and teach-

ers of now and then),

but I think that going

back to texts and meth-

ods of the past would be

a definite improvement.

Common Core math is a

disaster; I haven’t met a

parent yet who likes or

can understand it. I’ve

looked at math texts of

the 50s and found that

they taught students

skills that they would

actually use in real life:

how to balance check-

books, how to figure out

whether a 15-ounce can

of beans costs more per

ounce than a 24-ounce

can, how much you save

on a $3.50 product when

it’s on sale for 15% off,

how much the interest

will be on a credit card


Beyond Textbooks

may be an improvement,

but I think incorporating

past methods would be

good, too.

Angie Many


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