Dear Editor:

Greg Walcher's comments on climate change in the GJ Daily Sentinel April 29 finally moved me to comment about the many letters on this subject. Most seem to believe in the greenhouse gas propaganda. Walcher generally has a reasonable argument. I could join the debate with:

1) Greenhouses don't have a special gas. Just regular air in a container heated by the sun. Open container and the air temperature won't be significantly increased. Same at night and on cloudy days.

2) There is no way to test the theory that carbon deflects heat back in the actual atmosphere. It may happen but we can't quantify the effect.

3) Virtually all life forms are carbon based.

One could make a good case humans are the predominant carbon pollution.

Earth may or may not be warming. Walcher said, "Clearly Earth's climate does change, and it seems clear that mankind has some ability to impact that change." That is only a true statement for local areas, not the Earth.

I find this useless debate among folks who haven't bothered to consider what actually controls climate. That is the star in this solar system, the sun. Earth is the only planet in this system that is located in an area that permits water and an atmosphere. Life as we know it in all forms is dependent on this.

The system functions such that nothing is ever static. Earth rotates the sun while rotating on its axis and it constantly changes the axis tilt to the sun. Pressure and temperature for the atmosphere have to seek stability which can't happen. Temperature for water that covers the majority of Earth's surface has to seek stability which also can't happen. Mankind has zero ability to impact this system and survive. Obviously this is an oversimplification of the system but I believe scientically sound.

Global warming folks would find it difficult to tax the actual system. A letter from Judy Weiss, Brookline, Mass., that basically advocates a carbon fee (tax) was printed in the Dec. 12, 2015, Sentinel. Therefore, my explanation of what actually controls climate on Earth will be unacceptable to the "climate change folks" and I expect they will create a new tax in the future.

Charlie Overstreet



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