I wonder how many of us are grateful to live in a country founded on a Judeo/Christian basis. If we would think about it, we may feel fortunate. We enjoy freedoms other nations just dream about. Unfortunately, these freedoms are slipping away due to a regime that wants total power and they're not stopping until they either get it or are stopped by a people that value the freedom we still have. When you say you are a Democrat or Republican is that it? I put an “A” in front of my affiliation. I am an American Republican. Actually, I am an American conservative. I can't vote Democrat due to their liberal and far left ways. So, do you say you are an American Democrat? Being American is foremost and should never take a back seat in your mind. I would suggest if there are those who take this freedom for granted, visit either Russia, China, Iran and any other nation where freedom is scarce. Live as they do and then decide where you really want to live and support. My point is, please do your part to ensure America stays a free nation so our descendants can enjoy what we have. God bless you and thank you DCI for the platform.

Gary Herby


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