Dear Editor:

As I listened to the radio early this morning I was not sure I heard the news accurately, so I asked my wife and she also heard the same statistic: Every day, 80,000 cars illegally pass a school bus. My wife drives school bus for Cedaredge schools and she estimated that thus far this school year alone she's had roughly 20 vehicles drive through her red flashing stop sign, some even waving to her as they do so. As a former school bus driver myself (1990-1995 in Minnesota), I remember being careful to reasonably allow cars to pass before I switched my lights from flashing amber to flashing red, and that is still standard procedure for bus drivers today.

This letter is written as a request to all drivers to place notice and heed red flashing lights on school buses, stop a safe distance back, keep watch for anyone illegally driving through them, noting the license plate numbers/letters and reporting them. It is nearly impossible for the bus driver to see the plates as these vehicles speed by since overseeing the children as they enter and leave the bus takes all their attention. Parents at the bus stops can also be watching. It will take a bit of time to train ourselves to be mindful of this problem, but our youngsters need to be kept as safe as possible in this busy world. Thank you!

James Hohenstein



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