“Avian Flu detected at Confluence Park” warns of the disease in local geese. Overcrowded conditions make animals more susceptible to disease. This happens in prairie dogs, wild rabbits, and other wildlife populations. There are far too many geese at Confluence. Reduce their numbers, reducing the danger to remaining geese and to people.

“Banning books is for bullies” notes that the Bible has stories of evil, and of sex, but it is not on a ‘banned’ list. But the incident quoted by the author, Genesis 19:30-36, does not describe sex graphically at all, as do some of the books now in school libraries. Yes, the Bible has stories of sex and of evil, but it is not a book designed for small children to read on their own. It doesn’t have easy words and lots of pictures. The wrongs in it were not glorified or portrayed as normal, and the wrongdoers were usually punished. (Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed).


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