It is time to get something straight about US inflation and gas prices. There is no oil shortage. We (the US people) do not own our oil, the oil companies do. All this talk about restoring our “oil independence” is total nonsense. We have always depended on oil imports, mostly from Canada and Mexico. When they talk about oil independence, they are talking about independence of OPEC oil. However, being independent doesn’t insulate us from OPEC pricing. Oil is an internationally traded commodity, so when prices go up, they go up globally. This makes for a gold ruse for oil companies.

First quarter profits for Chevron were $6.3 billion (a 359% increase), Exxon $5.5 billion (104%), bp $5.5 billion (138%), and Shell $9.1 billion (184%). This is all at our expense! It is also added on to price of everything we buy, making post pandemic inflation that much worse. We are producing 100% as much oil and Natural Gas under the Biden Administration as we were under the Trump Administration. There is no oil shortage in the U.S. All these campaign ads telling you they will make America oil independent again are nonsense.

On May 19, 2022, the House passed a bill to control gas prices. The GOP uniformly voted agains this bill, and it was completely stopped in the Senate with no GOP support. As long as you are blaming Biden for gas prices and the resulting inflation, there is nothing to be gained by the GOP helping to end the situation. So when you are complaining about rising cost, be sure to blame who is actually responsible.

And when you’re voting, remember who voted against price controls. Boebert also voted against the Infrastructure Bill that has brought $billions to District 3 to repair roads, bridges, and schools. She also voted against the American Rescue Act, that bailed out our state, county and city budgets and save police, fire, and teacher jobs following the pandemic. This Bill also saved thousands of small businesses and returned us to pre-pandemic unemployment rates. While Boebert has been great parading around, doing whatever Trump wants, she has done nothing for District 3. I suggest we let Trump pay her for her good work, and we elect a representative who will work for us.

Carol Nudell


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