Vote in school board election

Your vote counts whether it is for US President or local school board! The Delta County Republican Party entertained all six candidates at a forum for the public to become familiar with them. The entirety was captured and can be reviewed on the Delta County Republican Website. The Delta County School District Coordinating Council hosted a forum which was live streamed. Both forums were well done with differing questions for the candidates to answer. The school board members are ultimately involved with many facets of what we call education. Let us hope that the board can promote critical thinking versus critical race theory, and they can support boys and girls with the birds changing to bees being addressed at home. All kids matter!

The school board election is a link to directing where our property taxes go and how the money is spent. The board has many duties though it is mostly a thankless job with no financial compensation. Thank them as candidates and when elected. In District I (West Delta) the candidates are Kristina Hines (970-209-7052) and Shannon Crespin (970-778-7680). In District V (Paonia/Crawford) the candidates are Brian Kopko (720-334-8487), Luke McCrain (970-901-9004), Nicole Milner (970-701-9119), and Jennifer McGavin (970-261-6904).

Ballots have been mailed out so voting is easy. Return your ballot before 7 p.m. November 2, 2021 to the Delta County Courthouse or any of the locations throughout the county listed in your ballot packet . The stake of the future is now.

Roger W. Bentley, DC, BS


Leaving Cherry Acres

Developments of the last two months require me to try and further inform people of our side of the Cherry Acres dispute and our response. There has still been little tangible progress with the situation in our yard with broken sewer pipes and failing septic system.

We have had some communication finally from the Impact “community,” and they have addressed the problems with dead and dying trees but even that it was used to try and intimidate us. Seeing some progress, I tried to set up a meeting with the current park management and instead I was contacted by the lawyer who handles their evictions! She tried to hijack my proposed meeting to further harass and intimidate us into dropping our complaint.

I firmly refused to meet with Debbie Wilson and two unnamed Impact representatives at the Creek Side Inn. Today I will be advancing our complaint by providing evidence in regard to our complaint that is entering the next phase of investigation. Terry and I have decided to stop volunteering at the Surface Creek food bank due to its connection with the New Hope Church after discovering the hypocrisy of their charitable giving, some friends.

Neither will Terry be volunteering at the thrift store in Delta anymore. Mr Reynolds, you win, the cards were stacked against us. We will be selling and leaving ASAP. Unlike us and our neighbors that are the true community of Cherry Acres, the Impact “community” hasn’t had to live with the results of the bad risk assessment of Renee.

I guess as long as the risk was to the property of the residents, that risk was an appropriate one. In closing all I can say is how disappointed we’ve become with insensitive wealthy elitists of the Surface Creek community.


Bill and Terry Shafer

Orchard City

Protecting public lands essential

As a native of Delta, I have always had a deep respect for Mother Earth. My favorite pastime was playing in the Gunnison River, and today I enjoy sharing my love of Western Colorado’s public lands with my kids. This is why I’m asking for your help. Protecting public lands is essential to a healthy climate. As a member of Senator Bennet’s Western Climate Resilience Roundtable, I helped develop locally-driven priorities for ensuring our communities are resilient to climate change. We recommended a policy framework that includes a science-based approach to management of our national forests and watersheds to restore damaged landscapes and prevent additional degradation.

Our local national forest now has the opportunity to do just that with the revision of the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison (GMUG) Forest Plan. In August, the Forest Service released a draft plan that will shape decisions for over 3 million acres of public land for years to come. The plan includes some encouraging language that highlights ecological sustainability. However, I was disappointed that despite broad local support for new protective land designations, the plan significantly increased the amount of land for logging. Protected lands can contribute significantly to climate resiliency by safeguarding wildlife habitat needed for refuge and adaptation, by preventing pollution from industrial uses, and by storing carbon. The current draft of this plan fails to address the negative consequences to our community.

The good news is, there is still time to act. Through Thursday, November 11, the Forest Service is taking comments on the Forest Plan on their website. Anyone can comment. Please help ensure that the revised Forest Plan benefits our local communities for generations to come by expanding wilderness recommendations, conserving wildlife habitat, and protecting the rivers that sustain our farms, ranches, families and western way of life.

Tra Gallegos


Ballots are coming

You should be receiving your ballot soon for the upcoming election.

Ballot issue 7A is a measure which will help stabilize the tax revenue our libraries rely upon to provide patron services, without a raise in taxes. Please join me in voting YES on ballot issue 7A to help support our Delta County Public Libraries.

Judy Briscoe


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