I am the chairman of the board of North Fork Senior Connections, and I would like to

make a plea on behalf of our treasured senior community members. I want to ask

everyone, for the protection of our elders, to wear a face mask whenever they go into

indoor public places. Let me explain why that is important.

I’m not sure it’s fully understood why mask wearing is an important defense against the

coronavirus. While it may offer slight protection to the wearer, the most important

function is to limit the spread of the virus from the wearer who is infected and doesn’t

know it yet. It is an act that protects your fellow community members.

You may feel confident that you don’t carry the virus, and, thankfully, you’re probably

right. The case rate in Delta County is pretty low so far. But it’s not zero. New cases are

reported every two or three days, so we know the virus is present in our county. Where

is it present? Who has it? I don’t know – do you? What’s more concerning is the ever-

present possibility of new infections being brought in from other areas. This can cause

an outbreak, and thanks to the 10-14 day incubation period, it can be off and running

before anyone realizes what’s happening. You only need to look at some states very

close to Colorado to see what can happen.

Here’s my question: are you willing to bet my life, or the lives of any of our vulnerable

seniors, that you don’t have the virus. I certainly hope you’re not willing to make that

bet, and that you will wear a face covering any place that you might encounter one of

our valued elders, or even encounter someone who might be in contact with them.

Thanks for your consideration in protecting your community.

Randy Campbell

North Fork Senior Connections

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