As many of you may know, the Delta County Sheriff (Mark Taylor) took badly needed time away at the end of the year, and away from the daily grind. Taylor probably has his thumb on the needs of the citizens of Delta County better than any other person.

Thank God we passed the Back the Badge issue 1-A. When I visit police departments throughout Delta County, they are all pleased to have the additional support. All we have to do is read the police blotter in the local newspaper each week to understand what all law enforcement agencies are dealing with‚ drugs, property theft and home invasion, just to list a few. Many are not even legal citizens. Taylor understands what COVID-19 restrictions have done to our business throughout the county. He also understands what we need to do to get them up and running again before our communities businesses are completely decimated. I believe we can all be extremely proud of the job and the accomplishments we have witnessed with Taylor and his sheriff’s department. He has, and will continue to have my full support and I hope he has yours!

Ron Murphy


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