Dear Editor:

I would like to make one more attempt to put the climate change groups and their fear tactics in proper perspective. As recently stated, we are guaranteed the inundation of coastal low-lying areas, like Miami, Fla., if we fail to act in the immediate future. Let's take a closer look at this claim.

According to the National Ocean Service the ocean has risen an average of 0.125 inches/year from 1993-2014. According to NOOA the sea level has risen 0.125 inches/year from 1993-2017. According to NASA data the rate of increase has risen to 0.13 inches per year over the past 30 years. Finally, according to the EPA the average rate of sea rise is 0.14 inches a year, and of course 100 years of history put the rate of rise at 0.10 inches per year.

A lot of numbers, so when does Miami become inundated? At an elevation above sea level of seven feet and a sea level rise of 0.125 inches per year in only 673 years Miami will have one-eighth of an inch of water in their streets. Lucky for us, New York City is in a better situation and will be able to televise ball dropping on New Year's for the next 3,169 years before we will need rubber shoes to watch the event. Even increasing the rate of sea level rise by 500% it will take Miami 134 years and New York 634 years to require rubber boots.

Some may tell you that sea levels might rise much faster. Flooding of Miami by 2100 will require the ocean to rise at a rate 840% faster than current and historic rates. Don't let self-seeking groups scare you into bad decisions in an effort to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you are saving this doomed planet. We do have time.

Randy Litwiller



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