National columnist Thomas Friedman recently proposed that Democrat presidential candidates “Form a team of rivals” to ensure winning the Presidency. He suggested that the Democrat candidate (‘probably Sanders or Bloomberg’) choose Klobuchar as vice-president, Joe Biden as Secretary of State (‘knows the world, has credibility’), Sanders or Bloomberg (whoever is not the nominee) as Secretary of Treasury, Elizabeth Warren as Health and Human Services Secretary (‘has energy and intellect to expand health care’), Kamala Harris as Attorney General (‘has toughness and integrity needed to clean up Trump’s “corrupt mess”’), Pete Buttigieg for Homeland Security, Cory Booker as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mitt Romney for Commerce Secretary (as token Republican, which he actually is?), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to serve as U.N. Ambassador (‘to appeal to youths and to improve our international standing’), Michael Bennet for Secretary of Education, and Andrew Yang to be Energy Secretary. This team, according to Friedman, can defeat President Trump in the upcoming election.

If these candidates don’t join together, wrote Friedman, “you can kiss the America you grew up in goodbye.” I don’t know what America Friedman grew up in, but the America I grew up in did not promote socialism, gun control, taxpayer-supported welfare and freebies to people unwilling to work, illegal immigration, purposely letting live, viable, even full-term aborted babies die, or any of the other policies promoted by the aforementioned Democrats. President John Kennedy’s Democrats would be appalled by today’s Democrats.

If this doesn’t sound like your idea of the Dream Team, please work to turn out the Republican/conservative/moderate Independent vote in November.

Angie Many


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