Kevin Patterson

Kevin Patterson

Open Enrollment for 2021 health insurance is quickly approaching and will begin on Nov. 1. We understand that many Coloradans are facing tough times and have lots of questions. While life may feel unpredictable right now, we still are the only place Coloradans who qualify can get help to pay for their health insurance.

  • This year, on average, we saved Delta County residents $647 each month on their health insurance.
  • In 2019 that savings added up to over $11,600,000.00.
  • Most of our customers didn’t think they would qualify, but over 74% did!
  • Generally, in 2021, an individual can earn up to $51,040 and a family of four $104,800 and qualify for financial help.

Last week, the Division of Insurance released the plans and prices for 2021. On average, premiums are down across the state by 1.4% over last year. We are encouraged by the overall stability we’re seeing in the individual market. While reinsurance is keeping rates stable for many, we want to remind customers who are concerned about price changes to compare plans and costs before renewing coverage, as they may find more affordable options.

The past few months have been full of uncertainty and many consumers are facing changes that might impact what health coverage is best for them. Because plans and prices change every year, we encourage all consumers to check out what plans are available to them in 2021. Shoppers should also consider health care costs beyond the premium, such as deductibles, co-payments, frequency of care needed, and providers and prescriptions covered.

And, while Open Enrollment for coverage in 2021 starts Nov. 1, if you’ve had a big life change and need health insurance now, you may have options to enroll immediately. As Colorado’s official health insurance Marketplace, we are here to help. We have certified brokers and assisters in your county who can help at no cost to you. Check us out at

Kevin Patterson is the chief executive officer for Connect for Health Colorado.

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