She’s become a national embarrassment, but, more importantly, she’s become an embarrassment to western Colorado.

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s latest trumped up story about a chance meeting with Rep. Ilhan Omar and a frantic member of Capitol security who noticed the two were in an elevator together — and Boebert’s egregious comment that it was OK because Omar didn’t have a backpack — is truly outrageous.

It doesn’t represent the Western Slope, and what we hold as our core values. But if you’re surprised by her comments, then I’m surprised you’re surprised. This type of sophomoric behavior has plagued us since she’s taken office.

The western Colorado that I visited since I was a little boy, and where I have lived since my teenage years, is deeper than this boorish behavior. Our core values have always been a respect for our individual faiths, love for our family and friends and a healthy respect for the variety of cultures that blend our communities. Boebert does not represent these core values. She uses immature insults and pathetic props to inspire a base that is becoming smaller and smaller as voters see what she truly represents: her own selfish ambitions.

Boebert has no problem making up outlandish stories to give a false narrative to her schtick that she is a freedom fighter. She’s also lost sight of the fact that freedom means one should be able to practice whatever religion they choose without fear of public ridicule. I’m no Omar fan. I don’t agree with her agenda. But that agenda can be fought without denigration of her religion.

The calls for minority leader Kevin McCarthy to take action will fall on deaf ears. Removing Boebert from committee appointments will only further help her dig in her heels with the idea that the Dems are out to get her. She truly is all about herself and the attention she receives from the national media and political pundits for her outrageous behavior. Heck, as someone pointed out to me the other day, she couldn’t even come up with an original idea when she showed up in Mar-a-Lago and Montrose with the red dress inscribed “Let’s go Brandon” on it. She had to steal that from AOC.

I’ve had many conversations with U.S. senators and U.S. representatives, and they simply don’t carry themselves in this manner. The conversations usually involve what they are doing in their respective seats, bills that are working their way through their chambers and what they are doing to either support what they believe is good legislation or what they are doing to combat poor legislation. Rarely, if ever, do they reach down into the sewer and throw mud on those they don’t agree with.

When I asked a group of conservatives who are clearly fed up with Boebert’s behavior what they’re going to do about it, they had a bit of a puzzled look on their face and responded with, “vote.” That is really the most effective way for us to move forward.

The Republican party has to present a viable candidate for the primary in 2022. I’m not sure Marina Zimmerman is it. The scuttlebutt is that an announcement is coming soon and the candidate is someone that has a real chance at winning.

Let’s hope so because it may be the only hope to return some dignity to the office of Colorado District 3.

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