Observation by myself and employees working in our county businesses has seen too many disrespectful people refusing to wear a mask while entering a door that states “mask required.” Some of us have heard or seen threats of going to sue the business owners. People, it is the business owners legal right to request masks (or plastic face shields for those who say they can't wear masks) just like It is legal when posting a sign that has been around for years that says no shirt, no shoes, no service. You say what goes on in your home and likewise with shops. Many businesses have gone out of their way to offer shop online or call in your order and get curbside pick up, so it is not like the businesses are not trying to help people. Another thought: When a child sees grown ups refuse to obey laws even if it is a sign to wear masks which the child can see, what is this teaching our younger generations. It teaches them to be disrespectful and not to listen to laws. Thank you for all of you good folks who do care about others, and their friends who are business men and women who do wear masks.

Conni Hood


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