I would like to qualify my observations by some background; I am a former Hospital Trustee for a different local hospital, I have spent weeks in UCHealth in Denver undergoing major lung surgery 15 months ago, I am a 100% Disabled Veteran, deaf, and having been caught in a tornado in a rescue and recovery mission and having debris removed from my face almost 50 years ago, without Anastasia, resulting in Medical PTSD. I have tried to obtain satisfaction from the VA for over 6 months, all the way to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inspector General for Veteran's Administration, Regional Office of Veterans Administration, two VA Hospital Administrators, a Congressman and a Senator, ALL to no avail!

Last Saturday night, May 30th, I felt I was on the brink of death. I had been admitted into Delta Health, in the middle of the night my airway clogged and I could not take any air in. With what I thought might have been my last breath, I motioned I couldn't breathe. Furniture started moving, oxygen cranked up, placed in a relaxed breathing position and most of all, that calming touch and stroke to relax my chest. Absolutely the most scared of suffocation I have ever been in my life. The clog cleared and I was able to breathe.

Today is Wednesday, I didn't join the ranks of my departed brother and sisters in arms on Memorial Day, and that is to the credit of Delta Health Hospital, and I am walking out of here!

There are special recognition programs at Delta Health for employees demonstrating exceptional care. I just don't know where to begin! We, as a community, are so very fortunate to have this high level of quality health care available to us. It is somewhat easy to evaluate the professional ability of potential employees from a resume, measuring the care and compassion they can render with that ability, as an employee, is something Delta Health has mastered!

From the Emergency Room to Med Surg Unit, Dietary to Housekeep, you folks are GREAT!

Thank You For Saving My Life!

Richard F. Harding


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