Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson

Last week I received the presidential primary ballots in the mail. Since I am unaffiliated, I received a ballot for both parties’ primaries but am allowed to vote in only one. While the Republican primary is a foregone conclusion, a name other than Donald J. Trump caught my eye.

When I read the name Joe Walsh, I thought of the lead guitarist of the iconic band The Eagles. Wouldn’t that be interesting. I can foresee tweets with the phrases like “Right on” and “Far out” in use. The late Glenn Frey once called Walsh an interesting group of guys. He may not select a cabinet since there is probably enough voices in his head as is.

All kidding aside, Walsh has put years of drug and alcohol abuse behind him to lead a very productive life. If you haven’t viewed the “History of the Eagles” parts one and two it’s a must see documentary on what I believe is the greatest rock band of all time.

But the Joe Walsh running in this primary is a former US House of Representatives member and former Trump supporter. Now he is very critical of the president. He dropped out of the race a couple of weeks ago. We hardly knew you, Joe.

I turned my attention to the Democratic ticket and found the choices there are very limited. At least limited with anyone who aligns with my way of thinking. Amy Klobuchar would be the closest. Pete Buttigieg lacks the experience, Sanders and Warren are too left of the left and Biden, well he’s Biden.

Barring some kind of disaster, this is President Trump’s election to lose. I mean what could happen to derail him? An impeachment hearing or a wayward tweet? He’s the Teflon president. I just don’t see it.

Moving on to the Delta City Council.

I see by the DCI that two of the three races are contested.

Mark Broome is running unopposed for the at-large seat. I don’t know Mr. Broome but best of luck to him on city council come April.

District B pits current Council Member Gerald Roberts against Planning Commissioner Ryan Crick. Crick will have to convince voters that District B needs a change. Roberts hasn’t demonstrated that it does. Roberts is very conservative when it comes to change and maybe that will be Crick’s niche. I don’t see this race being contentious.

District A is the one to watch. Current Mayor Ron Austin has a formidable opponent in Cathy Boyd. Boyd, former owner of CB’s Tavern, has been very involved in the Delta community for years. Well known and well respected. Austin does what he believes his constituents have asked him to do. He’s pushed buttons in the political arena to the point of barely avoiding being censured. Boyd’s son-in-law, Jay Stooksberry, has been a vocal critic of Austin. This has the makings of an epic battle as far as small town political races go.

Farewell to former City Manager David Torgler.

David Torgler resigned his position as city manager on Jan. 31. Last I spoke with him he has every intention of staying in Delta. This is a good thing. Torgler has been an active community member. Active in his church, rotary and the Abraham Connection to name just a few. I’m hoping he can stay here and we see him in the community for years.

I don’t know what the plan is to replace Torgler but it should wait until after the election. There is no hurry and it is imperative that council find the right person. Delta is gaining the reputation for having a revolving door at the city manager’s office. This next hire needs to stick around more than three to four years. Stability should be the No. 1 goal. The city powers-at-be need to look no further than the Delta County manager’s office. Robbie LeValley who has been the Delta County Administrator for going on eight years brings stability to county leadership. She’s well respected not only in the county offices but in the Delta County community.

The next city manager cannot be looking over his or her shoulder wondering if their time is coming up soon. Hiring the right person for the job and patience from council is a must.

Dennis Anderson is group publisher for Wick Communications, Alaska and Colorado. He can be reached by email at

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