Dear Editor:

I was sorry to read that the people of Delta County are facing layoffs and economic uncertainty as government red tape strangles coal mining in the North Fork area. Were coal not crippled by over-regulation, it is probable that coal, not natural gas, would be the cheaper option. If you tied his legs together and his hands behind his back, basketball star Lebron James would lose in a one-on-one against even me. Similarly, coal is not allowed to compete in a fair and open marketplace with other energy sources, so naturally it will often lose out.

This has been President Obama's stated goal since the start. Things will likely be even worse for America if President Obama's climate policies are continued by the next administration. After all, the U.S. gets 33 percent of its power from coal (64 percent in Colorado).

Tom Harris

Executive Director

International Climate

Science Coalition

Ottawa, Ontario

Note: ICSC, www., is not right wing (our participants come from across the political spectrum) and are not lobbyists or "shills" for industry of any sort.


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