By Dennis Anderson

I, like many Americans, was appalled by the actions of those who stormed the Capitol building with only one intention in mind: To stop the democratic process that we hold so dearly. Sedition is one of many words that come to mind to describe what took place Jan. 6, 2021.

There are dates that are ingrained in our psyche throughout history. For the generation of my grandparents they knew where they were on Dec. 7, 1941, my parents’ generation knew where they were on Nov. 22, 1963, and of course my generation knows where we were on Sept. 11, 2001. Will the date of these unprecedented events this week have that lasting of an impact? That remains to be seen. But the event will be etched in my memory.

The past couple of days have proven that the gravity of the situation is lost on some. That there could be no possible explanation for storming the “People’s House” to stop congressional members from carrying out their duties set for them by our most sacred document. No conspiracy theory could ever justify such a despicable, illegal action. But look at social media since this scourge on our democracy transpired. Denial and deflection is the defense.

“Where was the outrage this summer during the riots across the country?” posters are writing. The outrage for the destruction of public and private property was there. Those who excused riots over peaceful protests are as guilty as the perpetrators. Those who incited the events on Wednesday should be held accountable perhaps even more so. There was more than damages to buildings, businesses and a police precinct in Minneapolis. There was the assault on the democratic process of a peaceful transition of power.

“RINOS” is an acronym for Republican in name only. It’s thrust upon those of the Republican party who don’t walk in step with the vocal minority of the party. But I would suggest the title of RINO should be placed around the neck of those who unreasonably push their conspiracy theories on those who belong to the party that aren’t biting.

The unfounded, unproven and rebuked claims of the election being stolen from President Donald Trump is kindling that started the full on inferno at the Capitol building. Unwavering loyalists to Trump provoked by the leaders of the RINO movement including the president himself. And no this wasn’t ANTIFA disguised as the Kool-Aid drinkers. And there was a good representation of peaceful protesters. It’s the few hundred who put a stain on the thousands.

But what were the RINOs to do when they were told to come to Washington D.C. on this date by their leader? What were they to do when in the days leading up to the certification of the election their RINO leaders in the Senate and House told them they would object to the Electoral College votes? When the likes of Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tommy Tuberville sent a clear message that they supported the claims of mass voter fraud? When over 100 RINO members from the House of Representatives — with no evidence or proof — including our own Rep. Lauren Boebert embarrassingly misled the world to believe that the greatest democracy on earth allowed the election to be stolen? The easy answer would be that they should have recognized that they were being played. They are accountable for their own actions but the RINO leaders should be as well.

But what would transpire on Wednesday night and throughout the morning on Thursday is that the true Republicans finally stepped forward and for a moment in time grabbed the reins of their party. Starting with the man who was under extraordinary pressure from his boss. Vice President Mike Pence first rejected Trump’s theory that he could overturn the election. What was his reward for his four years of loyalty to the RINO regime. His fortitude was questioned at the rally that whipped up the crowd who later would perpetuate the high crimes of the day. But unfettered Pence would lead the proceedings that would prove to us all that our institutions are stronger than any conspiracy theory or any one man who believes that his wants and needs are greater than those of the nation as a whole.

Speeches from Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, James Lankford and Lindsey Graham would finally see the light of their enabling ways in the 11th hour after a too-close-for-comfort view of what their grandstanding facilitated. Then there are the words of those who have garnered the ire of the RINOs after their unwavering stance that the election was not stolen and Joe Biden won — like Sen. Ben Sasse, and Sen. Mitt Romney, who has endured the RINO label maybe more than anyone. His line when he spoke of having the most in common with Trump at the moment because he lost a presidential election too. But as he stated you move on.

The Republican Party has to see what the RINOs are doing to them. They lost the White House. And when the devil went down to Georgia in the form of Lin Wood who spoke to the crowds about the so called fraudulent elections and insisted they protest the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections by not voting. Well, the result is the Republicans lost their majority in the Senate and therefore the balance of power.

It is time.

It is time for the real Republicans to take back their party. To curb those of the vocal minority. To gain back the trust of those who would rather not participate than be associated with the dysfunction that exists in the party currently whether they are a registered member or an independent. They can no longer appeal to just one segment of their voter base. They have to start with new leadership. Ostracize the likes of Ted Cruz and come into 2022 a stronger, vibrant party ready to compete for open seats in Congress. Because in a two-party system both parties have to be strong for our checks and balances to be relevant.

Dennis Anderson is the publisher of the Delta County Independent. He can be reached at

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