Dear Editor:

Last week the Delta County Independent reported that Price Road residents in Paonia "are concerned about Mr. Knight's working relationship with the developer of the [proposed] Riverbank Subdivision."

I am that developer and I can allay these concerns. All my communications with the town have been through official channels. I do not currently live in Colorado, and thus Mr. Knight and I never met in person.

And let me state very explicitly: suggestions of anything untoward concerning the Riverbank Neighborhood are false.

The Riverbank Neighborhood was conceived in 2006 and has received generous support from those with the interest of the Town of Paonia at heart. In the November 2006 election, 80% of the town voted to annex the Riverbank property. The Riverbank received unanimous approval from the town council for sketch plan approval (in 2007), preliminary plan (in 2010) and minor subdivision (in 2012).

That support comes from the Riverbank Neighborhood offering quality homes with excellent solar exposure. Residents can walk, or ride their bikes into town. The lots will back up to parks, which meander down to the river.

Ivo Renkema


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