Did you know there are no scientists on the U.S. Senate’s commerce, science and transportation committee? Most are lawyers, including Colorado’s committee member Cary Gardner. Trish Zornio, a scientist, is running against Gardner to add a scientist’s voice to the Senate’s science committee.

One subcommittee of the commerce, science and transportation committee includes, oceans, fisheries and weather. Most people believe our climate is changing, no matter the cause. Zornio has posted a 12-page climate action plan on her website, including job creation and transition, budgets and timelines. Ocean temperatures, such as El Nino and La Nina affect our weather here in Colorado. All weather data comes from the National Weather Service ,and the federal government even forecasts by Accuweather and The Weather Channel. We need support for the National Weather Service, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and research to understand and predict changing weather patterns and severe storms.

Zornio grew up playing in the northern New Hampshire woods and a nearby river far away from the big city. Outdoor recreation and access to public lands is important to her.

Zornio has a passion for healthcare and helping people. She has worked in top hospitals and clinics. She believes we should all have access to affordable healthcare.

Zornio was trained to understand data, the requirements for a good study and detecting a biased or poorly designed study. We need someone who has these skills to balance the influence of lobbyists and industry-supported studies serving a profit motive, not the public interest. Zornio has experience in translating complex science to non-scientists to help inform her committee members.

When you need sound science decisions, who ya gonna call? A lawyer or a scientist?

Marilyn Stone


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