I am a Catholic and I understand that abortion is a very important issue to my church. However, I disagree with the church on the position that abortion is wrong in virtually all circumstances! I also disagree with the majority conservative Catholic hierarchy that focus almost exclusively on this one issue and neglect so many social and environmental issues. My wife and I have been long time members of Network Connection which is a Catholic social justice lobby organization. Each year they publish a congressional voting record on the most important social justice issues voted on by congress. The results show that Republicans consistently vote against social issues except for legislation that is involved with abortion. The Democrats vote for almost all social justice issues each year but get no credit from the Catholic hierarchy because of their pro-choice stand on abortion. The Republicans, as a whole, want the baby to be born but not supported by the many social safety nets the government tries to provide if they are born into poverty! If the child grows up and commits a major crime most Republicans favor the death penalty so does that make Republicans pro-life because they are against abortion? I don’t think so! The evidence indicates that the mostly conservative hierarchy in the Catholic Church supported former president Trump. They ignored the fact that he was probably the most amoral president in the history of the country and the worst environmental president we have ever had. The most important life issue we have now is not abortion it is the warming of the climate but Catholics do not hear a word from the hierarchy on that issue. If we do not act now to curb greenhouse gas we risk the destruction of all life on the planet in the relatively near future. This crisis is upon us now in the form of accelerated natural disasters throughout the entire world. The Catholic hierarchy needs to put this issue at the top of life issues and insists the US transfer to green energy! Pope Francis and the two former conservative popes all saw this issue as critical to the survival of the planet.

Tom Heffernan


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