Dear Editor:

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel thought they had a blockbuster story of deceit and fraud in the candidacy of Matt Soper running for the House District 54. Sorry, folks: Matt Soper lives in House District 54, and has for over a year. As much as they would like to deceive the voter by suggesting otherwise, both the Hartig Drive home and his girlfriend's home are solidly in House District 54, AND THEY KNOW IT! Matt Soper has done nothing illegal nor has he committed voter fraud, as they would like to suggest. His residence is in HD 54, he receives his mail on Hartig Drive, is registered to vote there, and considers that his "home address." There is nothing in the law which defines "residence" as stating that the party has to actually sleep there or have personal effects there. The law is clear: Kudos to the DCI for fact-checking with the clerk and recorder's office and the Colorado secretary of state's office, both of whom have verified the legality of Soper's candidacy and of his voter registration. Too bad the GJ Sentinel never considered checking there!

Perhaps neither their lawyer or the pro-bono attorney for the "disabled" tenants at the Hartig drive home have read Colorado Revised Statutes 1-2-102. But then, that obviously was not the Sentinel's intent, either. It was easier to smear a highly qualified candidate, just because he represents a party with ethics and sound ideas. Shameful! The Sentinel has proven to their readers that their main interest is in inaccurate sensationalism, NOT the truth.

James Wetzel



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