Dear Editor:

In Eckert on 2100 Road and Fruitgrowers Road every morning and every afternoon at the same time, a bus stops to pick up children for school. Kids line up to wait for the bus on the side of the road. Every morning cars speed down that road and most mornings one child or another is at risk for being hit. On Tuesday morning two girls were crossing the road to get in line and had to jump out of the way of a speeding car. They were halfway across the road. The lady driving the car had to swerve to miss hitting them.

Phone calls have been made to the sheriff's office to have a deputy sit there for 10 minutes to protect the kids ... they don't have the manpower to do this we were told. No one answers the phone at the bus barn or the road and bridge department. I have taken it upon myself to stand in the road to get cars to slow down and have been almost hit. Kids play while they are in line waiting. What happens if one steps in the road? They would be killed. It's absolutely horrible that we cannot get help with this issue. I have personally been told by a person in authority that nothing can be done until something happens. Really! It's going to take a 5-year-old getting hit and possibly killed to get help?

Come on people, wake up. There is NO reason to be speeding on a road where there are kids waiting innocently for the bus. Will it take the death of a child to get some help or the death of a parent trying to keep the kids safe before something is done? What has become of our community to have to rush and speed by kids. Do you think the commissioners will help? Let's see. Stand up for our kids. If we don't, who will?

Alicia Schoborg



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