Spring! Three more weeks and willow leaves will be sprouting. And wonderful green fields and hemp growing.

I’m eager to see new cottage industries starting. Hemp 2,000 years ago gave dried material for ropes and netting. Hemp is also the basis for linen.

Hemp is more than CBD oil! And it is misused for that Rocky Mountain High we joke about. Delta County for once can have income and jobs from what grows in ditches here.

We need three or four business Rotarians and a federal grant writer to help start these cottage industries. We need a new vision for hemp. Delta County for once has a way for new industry and jobs.

If my nephew Jeff Wick can grow 900 acres of corn, what would 900 acres of hemp do for Delta County?

I would be so proud to see a label for rope or a label on a linen blouse or a label on linen bedsheets or a braided horse halter or linen headbands for my hair…

“Made in Delta, Colorado.”

Leslye Wick


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