The Colorado River District is humbled and grateful for the support voters in our 15 counties showed for protecting Western Colorado water. Measure 7A passed with a district-wide 72% approval. That so many of you agreed with our mission and aspirations went beyond our most hoped-for expectations. We offer our thanks and a pledge to use the money wisely and with great effect in our ongoing efforts to protect West Slope water.

Western Colorado water has been much sought after to the east and the west since our founding at the beginning of the last century. The story has not changed, but the urgency to protect the Colorado River system is magnified with population growth in Colorado and the Southwest, higher temperatures and the never-ending quest for water supply. Western Colorado cannot become the sacrifice zone for the benefit of others.

We will now have the resources to bolster the basic protections for the Colorado River system that we’ve always maintained, with the added financial muscle to help our constituents with projects throughout the District and in all areas of water use, including clean reliable drinking water, water for food production and water that supports the environment and our recreation economy.

Water in the arid west is a conservative issue; it’s a progressive issue. It’s an irrigator’s issue and it’s a boater’s issue. If you brush your teeth, it’s an issue. It’s everybody’s issue, even though it’s so easy to take water for granted. We take seriously the trust our constituents have vested in us to be the watchdog of our precious resource.

It takes financial resources, talent and skill to protect the water resources that make Western Colorado the beautiful, vital region we know it to be today. Other people want that resource. We say they will have a big fight to get it, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Thank you for supporting ballot question 7A.

Andy Mueller

General Manager, Colorado River District

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