As my husband and I are about to move to Delta in about two weeks, I'm so glad to see (and in last week's edition also) some letters from people who believe in truth, facts, common sense and/or demanding a certain little Miss (Rep. Lauren) Boebert get to work and take care of her constituency instead of waving her gun around. I'm speaking of the letters from Dennis Anderson, Clare Hydock, Holly and Wally Von Helms and Leonard Maki. However Anderson, she should also know that open carry is not allowed in Washington D.C. Citizens! You must stop believing liars, fantasy weavers, conspiracy theorists, et al. You must trouble yourself to read actual, real facts, actual real media; not the crap put on social media. God help us if we ever have another president who is a liar, a crook and utterly devoid of morality. All the "negative" books published about (President Donald) Trump are true and correct; I know, I read them and I took the trouble to check into the author's credentials. Please, make smarter choices next time! (After Biden and Harris are no longer in office.)

Mary Bruno


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