I was “taken aback” by the recent opinion by Asta Bowen about how she doesn’t understand the “pressure to return to regular classroom instruction.” If she truly feels “just because you and I had to live through what felt boring and irrelevant in school doesn’t mean our kids and grandkids should,” then I predict that her skills as an effective classroom teacher were less than proficient. Why in the world would someone go into teaching if that’s how they felt about kids, school and education? Education is ever changing and challenging but some things shouldn’t change, like kids having a discussion in class, working in cooperative learning situations, putting on a historical play, performing in a talent show, learning to communicate effectively, having a stable mentor or adult advocate, going on an educational field trip with their peers, making friends, creating projects, participating in sports, and actually having fun learning in a classroom environment. Not once did she discuss the emotional, the social or the academic status of not being in the classroom. Isolation is not healthy or normal for youngsters. Some parents are doing a great job homeschooling but that is not the norm. More “screen time” isn’t the answer and most parents have jobs. Even teachers with children at home during this pandemic struggle. My only grandchild started kindergarten this year online because parents where she lives weren’t given the choice of regular classroom instruction. It saddens me that she will be missing that experience. I’m proud of the Delta School District and their employees with the way that they are handling the educational choices, the health regulations for safety during the pandemic, and the availability of the children in this district to go back to school if parents choose that option.

Denise Theobald

Retired Delta teacher


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