Dear Editor:

Climate scaremongers claim the world is on the verge of extinction in the next 10-12 years, yet make dire predictions 10, 20, and up to 100 years into the future. Nonprofit groups continue to make tons of money with these outlandish predictions. A recent article in this paper quotes various groups dedicated to the, less than factual, climate predictions and scare tactics used to promote their agenda.

Claims are made that coastal cities will be underwater in a few short years. The fact is that oceans have been rising for over 100 years at the rate of one-10th of an inch per year and there are no facts to support a dramatic increase in the rate of ocean rise. Their crystal ball look into the future is truly amazing.

These and other scare tactics are designed to achieve a specific agenda for which these nonprofits are rewarded with donations supporting salaries in these organizations. If there is true concern the focus should be on efforts to change the real polluters like China and their 1.5 billion people instead of Delta County and our 30,000. This just drives home the fact that climate scare tactics are an agenda driven program. While we need to support what happens in our area, do we need national groups like the Sierra Club and Wild Earth Guardians imposing their agenda on Delta County?

If these groups are not willing to take on China, I would propose another worthy cause. Since these groups are so talented at predicting climate change and the effects 100 years into the future, they should be able to help the poor folks in one of their primary donor states, California. As we have just seen we are unable to predict earthquakes even 15 minutes before one occurs. I am sure that these talented climate experts can predict where, when, and how strong earthquakes will be for the next 50-100 years. Then their attention could move to volcanoes. If they would get busy predicting eruptions, and better yet stop them, not only would they save the climate but also safe countless lives.

So, I have to ask, what is the real agenda for these self-serving nonprofit groups? Is it for the benefit of humanity, or their own benefit and paycheck?

Randy Litwiller



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