Should it ever be a moral issue to let $10,027 a month long term nursing care fee overshadowing the love of a long term marriage?

Most long term marriages reflect the struggles of raising children, providing college advantages and support, working, saving, scrimping, preparing for retirement, and all the while having old age knocking at the door.

We were taught from an early age to work hard, save and always pay our own way, to never, ever rely on the government for assistance. We also carried our own medical insurance and when the time came, enjoyed all the benefits offered by Medicare. Medicare, however, given all of its advantages, does not cover long term care forcing the family to enter the realm of Medicaid.

I am writing not to frighten but rather to inform. It is my hope that all ages are made aware of the certain facts regarding long term care.

At the age of 83 our lives were forever changed when my husband suffered three debilitating strokes taking away his ability to speak, walk, feed himself, dress himself or to move his right side.

After exhausting all of our Medicare advantages, including rehabilitation, we were forced into the world of the long term care financial nightmare. We will soon be “tapped out” and be forced into Medicaid. Who can afford $10,027 a month for long?

Will the extreme cost of long term care ever peak? I think not. Research has shown a steady yearly increase of $1,000 in the last three years.

To sum it all up, to answer the very first question in this article, long term care will put a very large crack in the monetary foundation of any marriage.

Sally Blyton


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