But there’s a lot of shame in being a sore loser. President Donald Trump’s words and actions since Nov. 3 expose him as the sore loser he is. I don’t fault him for using our Constitutional process to challenge the results. I do however fault him for his baseless challenges and frivolous lawsuits, as evidenced by his over 50 losses.

His own commission on election integrity, created on May 11, 2017, disbanded on Jan. 3, 2018, after finding nothing. Now tell me, what makes a person create a commission to study voter fraud for an election he won? Or was he just laying the groundwork for a potential, and now legitimate loss in 2020?

I wasn’t raised to be a sore loser; I’m sure you weren’t, and that you’re not raising your kids to be either. Good parents teach us that we can’t win them all and how important it is to be a gracious loser. Trump wasn’t raised that way though. Don’t take my word for it, those are his words.

You can read how his father instilled in him these “win at all costs” and “never admit defeat” behaviors in “The Art of The Deal” by Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz, and in “The United States of Trump. How the President Really Sees America” by Bill O’Reilly. Both are available at the Delta Library. What a horrible childhood he must have had; never learning the critical life lessons we learned; being a good sport and gracious in losing. It’s a shame.

Since Nov. 3, Trump has disrespected our democracy, our constitution and centuries of norms by failing to respect and acknowledge the election results, and by offering the same courtesies and considerations that Hillary Clinton, and Michelle and Barack Obama extended to him in 2016.

He’s gone from grabbing “kitties” to being one. Shameful, very shameful.

Clare Hydock


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