Looking forward from these challenging times it is clear that we are in a great position to look after ourselves. We can ensure that the future American economy supports Americans. I encourage all my neighbors to research all companies that they are writing checks to and verify that they are employing Americans. Call the claims number on your insurance policies and see who answers the phone. Call your credit card company. Call any company you send money to. Ask the person who answers where they are located. If their company policy forbids disclosing their location, perhaps they are actually criminals because anyone legitimate should have no problem with this question. Are they taking money from one hard-working American and using it to pay fellow Americans? Or are a few people at the top reaping massive profits by outsourcing the work to low wage countries because they do not care about fellow American citizens. React. Shop around. There are plenty of other options out there for you. You’ll probably find a better deal AND help employ fellow Americans. Shop smart. Buy American.

Steve Chavez


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