Dear Editor:

National establishment Republicans seem to want the party to implode instead of accepting that Trump was chosen by Republican voters. Now it seems that some people are trying to implode the local Republican party.

All this to-do about the local central committee chair has been built way out of proportion by liberals and national media, and instead of letting it die down, a few locals, including Republicans, have jumped on the bandwagon -- and misstated the facts.

Anyone with a Facebook page knows that when you open your page, 100 items might have "magically" appeared. I seldom visit mine. It is better since I found some settings that can stop most strangers from posting to it, but I still have unsolicited photos and cartoons that "jump" to my page from family members' pages.

This 8-year-old cartoon has no doubt been posted without permission to millions of Facebook pages. The difference is that a liberal blogger (who could have been the one to post it!) who makes his living finding ways to vilify conservatives found it and spread it nationally.

He accused Sorenson of racism -- but she has also been accused of supporting a candidate who, ironically, is black. So how can she be racist?

It is very difficult to get people to fill such unpaid positions in small towns. The current controversy illustrates one reason why. Sorenson has worked hard to promote the Republican party and even some of its members are willing to further this controversy in the media instead of working within the party.

There are too many people with too little to do, too many people willing to believe without facts, and too many people who take pleasure in destroying other people. Please do not be one of them.

Angie Many



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