Dear Editor:

The Trump administration has proposed legislation which would limit legal immigration and award immigration points based on ability to speak English, high-paying job offers, age, record of achievement, and entrepreneurial initiative. Really? How many swindlers can you think of that that describes? This shows little knowledge of how we have become a great country. I have listed here the winners of the Regeneron Science Talent Search. The contest is a resource of The Society for Science and the Public. Look at the names of the winners: Baral/Bingham/Chattopadhyay/Chung/Dalvi/Das/Endupaganti/Elliott/Fang/Greco/Hajlasz/Hord/Iyer/Khandewal/Lee/Li/Madan/Naidu/Novek/Peterson/Pierson/RadiyaDixit/Ramani/Verma/Wan/Wang/ Weaver/Wellman/Woo/Xu/Yang/Yang/ Yeiser/ Zhu

Some of these are probably sons or daughters of people who would qualify under the proposed rule. But many with names like these probably come from families that would be by-passed, families who raised children like these because they were determined that they succeed and motivated them. Those qualities aren't included in the admission tests, but they are our hope. Some of them, I am sure, are children whose parents had read the words on the Statue of Liberty, words we are now being told do not stand for who we are.

Phil Ellsworth



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