I was amazed to see the article/editorial in your paper dated Dec. 25 written by Lucas Vader. I thought there would be some person who would at least proof his work before publishing, but obviously not.

In my opinion, this article addressed so many non-issues that it was hard to determine what its purpose was. Many of the statements made in the newspaper were unsubstantiated — so what was the point of this article anyway?

There is one about cost overruns on the town park bandstand. An (erstwhile) member of the board, David Murphy was concerned about the CACC (Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce) board. He stated that David Starr had embezzled money from the CACC to pay for the cost. This was unsubstantiated. Murphy stated that two different people on the CACC board had told him about it, but he was unwilling to disclose their names.

I must say that without David Starr being a resident here, and without his generous spirit, this would have been an ordinary small town. David has made many contributions to people and organizations here. To think of him being falsely accused of anything such as this … is nonsense and very hurtful. David Starr has changed the structure of our town in a good way. I am not even recognizing Cindy Starr’s role in this poorly constructed scenario. The reason is, she only became a resident here about five years ago and yes, that was pre-bandstand construction.

Newspaper articles, or editorials like this one, written by Lucas Vader in fact, raise a lot of unfounded suspicion about many things. This would have been thrown out before it reached the front page of the paper and before approximately 1, 250 words were written about a variety of entities, rumors, accusations and airing of individual views. Hopefully, things will be different once the holidays are over and some experienced journalists are back at work.

Gini and Lyn Moseley,


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