Here it is election season again. That time when we are often expected to choose between candidates brought forth by parties that provide only a choice between the same old names who have already gone to Washington and failed to solve our problems or new radicals out of touch with common sense.

Well, this time in the 3rd Congressional District, we have an opportunity to make a change. Diane Mitsch Bush is someone with real experience who will work for all of us, not fight with half of us. Someone with practical ideas to fix broken systems. Someone to challenge old, narrow, exclusionary philosophies. Someone who has worked with, and has endorsements from, members of both parties. Someone with proposals, not shallow slogans.

She is not a gun toting self-promoter looking for a fight and desiring to hook her wagon to the most divisive President this country has ever had. She is not aiming to be the next party darling or political "star". She is not a self-righteous, ideologue trying to impose a narrow, cultish philosophy on Colorado or the nation. She is not looking backward promoting some false illusion of what constitutes a great nation.

Diane Mitsch Bush is looking forward knowing that America's greatness lies with its people — hard-working people, people of all races, religions, and nationalities; people who care about their neighbors and others; people willing to do their part and looking for a government to partner with them to improve their lives and their communities.

Diane understands the real issues that affect the country today and those that threaten our children and grandchildren. She will work with, and for, all of us, and for a bright future. This year there is a clear and obvious choice. Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress, District 3.

Tim Sarmo

Grand Junction

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