Voters in liberty loving Delta County can make history by casting their vote for Kim McGahey, Republican candidate for HD61. Delta County alone can take back this seat from a radical leftist.

What will constitutionalist McGahey do for you as your citizen legislator? His first responsibility to you will be to promote COVID-19 small business recovery — open Colorado. He will defend your Second Amendment rights, defend our police, fight to retain the electoral college, promote quality healthcare, advocate for parental choice in education, and ensure our liberties are not stolen by outside interests seeking to take over our state for their own political gain.

What will independent thinker McGahey do for you as your citizen legislator? McGahey cares deeply about the Western Slope. As a 40-year resident of Summit County, he has volunteered countless hours in the community as a PTA president, school board member, youth soccer club founder and soccer referee. He has always been an advocate for appropriate growth measures which include sound environmental policies and designed to benefit families. Like all of us, he believes in keeping Colorado green and clean. He also believes Colorado has been blessed with many natural resources and will promote fair use of these resources.

The Founding Fathers were clear in their historical discussions. They created a system for “We the People” to assume civic responsibility to serve as citizen legislators. They never intended the government to be managed by career politicians.

McGahey will serve only two terms. He has no interest in being a politician. He pledges to you, “I can’t be bought, I can’t be bribed, and I can’t be brow-beaten into submission by the powers that be in either the state legislature, Republican Party, or any special-interest groups.”

Barb Stoermer


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