This letter is in response to Jeff Milchen’s (column) in the April 21, Delta County Independent.

I notice Mr. Milchen’s observations fall in line with those of President (Joe) Biden and Major League Baseball. President Biden called Georgia’s new election laws “Jim Crow.” For you younger readers, Jim Crow Laws were intended to keep blacks from voting in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries, and many were ridiculous in nature. Major League Baseball moved the All Star Game, where home run king Henry Aaron was to be honored, from Atlanta to Denver to protest the new laws. They moved the game from a city where the population is 51% black to a city with a 9% black community. How did this help the black citizens and black businesses who will lose revenues? It should be noted that Colorado’s voting laws are more restrictive than Georgia’s new law.

My experience is so obviously different from President Biden, Major League Baseball, and Mr. Milchen’s. Living on the Western Slope of Colorado, I have only a few black friends, and many Native American and Hispanic friends. Some of my Hispanic friends I have helped tutor to legally obtain their citizenship. Most of them believe the new-comers should fulfill the same procedure they did to become citizens. My black friends helped me see other views I had not considered, like “Many young Blacks see police as just another gang, with colors just like theirs.”

They all have something in common. They read and speak English, and surprise, they all have photo IDs. The notion that if someone is a minority that they lack the resources and intelligence to fulfil legal obligations to vote is incredibly racist. They are so much more than President Biden, Major League Baseball, and Mr. Milchen think they are.

Merle Lynch


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