I guess there's no point in rehashing the heinous, traitorous violence committed at the U.S. Capitol to our national lawmakers last Wednesday. (President) Donald Trump started it, encouraged it and said "we love you, you're very special" to the traitors. It was like he was talking to third graders. Who in their right mind would say that to insurrectionists and murderers? I suppose that would be Donald Trump and his supporters. Any U.S. citizen flying a Trump flag or wearing a MAGA hat is in the league with the Devil.

To (Publisher) Dennis Anderson: Thank you for your piece on Lauren Boebert. I think she answered Yuval Levin's and your question last week in Washington, D.C., by locking and loading her 9mm Glock for reporters. Another disgraceful Trump acolyte showing off her lust for guns and weapons. Boebert has a lot to learn from a real Colorado Congressional Representative named Jason Crow. He showed the world how a Real Coloradan operates in the face of tyranny and violence. Jason Crow showed compassion, strength and common sense during that awful day. All Bobert showed us is her Glock. God Save America.

Rick Freimuth


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